Looting In Los Angeles

Justine M Beltran

** My business has been looted, what do I do?! **

Belwood Properties manages commercial properties, consisting of small business owners, throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. Commercial properties can consist of many different types of retail businesses. They also include restaurants, nail salons, hair salons, and other service businesses. These buisnesses employe people and are what puts food on the table for the families that own them. 

We are devastated by the looting and rioting that has caused damage to properties not only under our care, but throuhgout our city. We support the peaceful protestors, but will stand with the small business community to protect their lively hoods. 

What can you do if your business or building fell victim to looting/rioting?

1.       Sit down and make a plan.

2.       Call your insurance company. Almost all policies cover fires, falling objects, vandalism, and rioting.

3.       Take pictures of all the damage and go through video footage.

4.       Submit a police report of all damage done to your business or property. If you have video footage that provides any identifiable faces, also submit on police report.

5.       Starting the cleanup process is going to be the most emotionally tasking part of this process. Reach out to anyone you know (family, friends, community members) and see if they are willing to help with the process.

Belwood Properties team members, consist of native Angelinos. We have lived here our entire lives and are deeply connected to the thriving cultures throughout the city. We are here to help clean up, protect, and listen to the businesses suffering from the current situation.

DO NOT hesitate to call if you or your business is in need of help. This is a time when money comes second, and people come first.