4 Tips for Protecting your House in a Fire

Justine M Beltran

Unfortunately Southern California has suffered many devasting wildfires this year. Here at Belwood Properties we believe it is important that people understand the urgency required to protect your property and self from these devasting tragedies. 

Tips for protecting your property in the case of a fire.

1. Personal Papers: Driver license, passport, deed to your house, insurance, medical records, social security cards, contacts. 

2. Pets: Making sure that all of your pets are safely secured with you before leaving your property. 

3. Utilities: Shutoff all utilities before leaving your house as to subdue the damage if your property comes in contact with the fire. 

4. Lock your Home: Looters are common in crisis like situations like this, so it is important that you keep your house safe not only from natural disaster. 

After you are able to return to your home it is very important to make sure that you do not have any natural gas leaks. Before turning on any utilities or using anything that creates a flame, contact your local gas company to assure there are no leaks in your house. 

Contact Belwood Properties with any questions that you might have regarding natural disaster safety precautions. 

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