Homeless Crisis

Justine M Beltran

As most of us know, who live in Los Angeles, the homeless population has increased. We are seeing more and more homeless on streets that we never saw them before. Why is it increasing when all we hear about are the efforts to prevent it? According to 2018 reports there are five states that make up the majority of homlessness. These five states are California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Washington State. There have actually been so many lawsuits against the city of Los Angeles that have basically secured the right for "tent culture". This means that before they had to remove their tents during business hours so that people could use the sidewalks. With these lawsuits in place they do not have to remove the tents any more and businesses are leaving or failing rapidly. With tent cutlure taking over we are actually seeing gang members start to enforce a rent charge for people to use their "block" for their tent. This is ridiculious! It is almost as if these streets are not a part of the regular legal system that everyone else has to adhere to when living in Los Angeles. They have actually had to start a "Ladies Night" to teach women of skid row how to defend themselves through basic self-defense classes and how to report sexual assualt incidients. It seems like we have to develop programs to help people protect themselves becasue they will not actually join the programs to better their lives. 

After spending hundreds of millions of dollars to address this crisis, Los Angeles' homeless crisis still increased by 12% in the county of Los Angeles and 16% in downtown. By the end of 2019 it is expected that homelessness in children will increase to 24%. No child should be homeless, period. Another alarming issue is that 19% of the 60,000 counted homeless came from out of state. This means that people are fleaing to Los Angeles to be homeless. 

Belwood Properties is determined to start a conversation that will turn to action to do something about this homeless crisis. It is turning into a state of emergency and as residents of California for most of our lives we believe that we have to do something about it. Call our office and see what you could do to help us with this state of emergency we are facing. 

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