3 Tips for Condo Association Maintence


There is a lot of confusion when it comes to repairs in a condominium association. Does the repair fall on the tenant or the assocation? Here are 3 tips when it comes to deciding who holds the responsibility for certain repairs. 

1. Association Bylaws: When you purchase a home in a condominium assocation you are given bylaws that you have to adhere to. These bylaws always have a section for "maintence and repairs", this should be the first place to look when you have questions pertaining to any issues. 

2. Individual Responsibilies: Plumbing, electrical systems, appliances, fixtures, or anything that remains inside the walls of your home.

3. Condo Assocation: The association is responsible for all repairs and maintence regarding common areas of the complex. If the bylaws state that specific common areas are not managed by the association then those will not be repaired by them. If the common areas are damaged due to negligence, misuse, or neglect then the owner responsible will have to pay for the repairs. 

Understanding the bylaws of your assocation is very important to maintain the balance throughout the condominium association. 

If you have any questions always feel free to reach out to Belwood Properties. 


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