Advertising Rental Property

Justine M Beltran

Advertising Rental Property:

1. Website: This is the perfect way to show off options for renters looking for a new area to live in. It is the easiest way for renters to connect with you and see the properties ahead of time. 

2. Craigslist: Do not exclude craigslist from your advertising. It is still one of the most used websites for finding rental properties in this country. 

3. Oodle: This is a platform that has classified listings for rental housing. It is perfect for people who might not be looking to rent right now but for something in the future. 

4. Hotpads: This is a must use website if you allow pets in your multi-family property. Most of the renters on this site have pets and are looking for like minded properties to move in. 

5.  Padmapper: This is perfect because you will find renters that have already preset pricing and area for what they are looking for when they search. It is very important to advertise on this website because it is the quickest platform to find your ideal renter. 


Inquire with Belwood Properties for any questions that you might have regarding advertising rental property. 

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