Why Small Business?

Justine M Beltran

Why is it important to support small business?

Community is something we should not take lightly. There is something to be said about a specific city's charm. People often times love a city and never leave because of the charm or culture that comes with it. Small Business is what contributes to a community's identity!

Not only do they contribute to the identity but small business' hold the opinions of the people in that community to a high regard. They ensure that they do not make decisions that will negatively impact their neighborhood. It is not rare to see a local business be a leader to a community. 

When small businesses are thriving that means that tax dollars are going to stay within that local economy. This means that your community is going to improve immensely. So why would you not go with small business and help your community thrive? 

Small Businesses are actually leading the market for jobs created. Often times people want to work close to home so small businesses are able to offer local jobs to their community members. Small Businesses are also the foundation for new and innovative entrepreneurs to prosper. 

Belwood Properties is your small business solution to property management. There are many large corporations out there that do what we do but as previously said we know what the community wants and needs. We listen to renters and go above and beyond to ensure that their living/renting standards meet the communities.

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