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Trail through scenic mountains in Topanga California


Topanga, California, is a unique community nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, located between Malibu and the San Fernando Valley. This unincorporated area in Los Angeles County is known for its rich history, natural beauty, distinctive culture, and diverse real estate offerings.

Historical Background

Topanga has a deep history that dates back thousands of years. Originally inhabited by the Tongva people, it was known as “Topaa’nga,” meaning “where the mountains meet the sea” in their language. The area served as a vital part of their trade routes and was a hub for community and ceremonies.

In the 18th century, Spanish explorers and missionaries arrived, leading to the establishment of missions and the integration of native lands into the Spanish land grant system. By the 19th century, after California became part of the United States, Topanga became a ranching and agricultural area. The early 20th century saw the development of roads and infrastructure, making it more accessible and leading to a boom in its popularity as a retreat for artists, writers, and musicians.

Features and Landmarks

Topanga is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, including rugged mountains, dense woodlands, and picturesque canyons. Key features and landmarks include:

  • Topanga State Park: Covering over 11,000 acres, it is the largest state park within a city limit in the United States. It offers a vast network of hiking trails, scenic vistas, and opportunities for wildlife observation.
  • Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum: Established by actor Will Geer, this outdoor theater offers a variety of Shakespearean plays and other performances in a beautiful natural setting.
  • Topanga Canyon Boulevard: This main road through the community is lined with eclectic shops, cafes, and galleries, reflecting the artistic spirit of Topanga.
  • The Inn of the Seventh Ray: A well-known restaurant that combines fine dining with a serene, outdoor ambiance, popular for its organic and locally sourced menu.


Topanga has long been a haven for creative and free-spirited individuals. The community’s culture is deeply rooted in the arts, environmentalism, and a laid-back lifestyle. The area hosts several cultural events and festivals throughout the year, including the Topanga Days Festival, which celebrates local music, art, and crafts. The community is also home to numerous artists, writers, musicians, and actors who find inspiration in its tranquil setting.

The local population places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and conservation. Many residents are involved in efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the area and maintain its unique character.

Real Estate

Real estate in Topanga is diverse, reflecting its eclectic culture and natural surroundings. The housing market includes everything from rustic cabins and cottages to luxurious estates with panoramic views. Properties often feature large lots, providing privacy and a sense of seclusion that is rare in Los Angeles County.

  • Canyon Homes: Many homes are nestled in the canyons, offering a sense of tranquility and immersion in nature. These properties often have unique architectural styles, blending seamlessly with the landscape.
  • Mountain Estates: Higher up in the mountains, one can find expansive estates with stunning views of the ocean, valleys, and city lights. These homes tend to be larger and more modern, with luxurious amenities.
  • Artist Retreats: Topanga’s history as an artists’ enclave is reflected in properties that feature studios, workshops, and creative spaces. These homes often have a bohemian charm and are designed to foster artistic endeavors.
  • Ranch Properties: There are also ranch-style properties that harken back to Topanga’s agricultural past, offering ample land and facilities for equestrian activities.


Residential & Multi-Family Properties in Topanga

As of 2024, the median home price in Topanga, California, is approximately $2.1 million (Redfin) reflecting the area’s appeal, characterized by its scenic beauty, artistic community, and desirable location within the Santa Monica Mountains.

The median price for single family homes in Panorama City is $650,000. The median price for single family homes in Winnetka is $930,000; West Hills is $900,000 to $1 million; Canoga Park is about $700,000 with Lake Balboa just under $1m. By comparison, the median price for single family homes in Chatsworth is about $1,490,000 (Movoto); Calabasas is $2,800,000; Van Nuys is about $800,000; Brentwood is also $800,000, $1.7m in Hollywood, $949,000 in Northridge, $814,000 in Reseda, $2.1 million in Tarzana and $1.24 million in Woodland Hills.

If you are considering purchasing a single-family or multi-family home as an investment in Topanga, Belwood Properties should be on your preferred list of Residential Property Management Companies. Belwood has a 20 year+ track record of exceptional property management service for residential, HOA, and commercial properties.


Our Leasing Protocol in Topanga

  • Advertise
  • Show property to prospective tenants
  • Thorough screening of prospective tenants
  • Creating lease agreements

Our Property Management Protocols in Topanga

  • Tenant relations
  • Maintenance and emergencies (all requests are scheduled and overseen by commercial team)
  • Property checks for preventative maintenance (once every 2 weeks)
  • Rent collection
  • Oversite of all vacancies and preparation
  • Updated market reports


  • Bank reconciliations
  • Payment of property taxes, insurance, mortgage, utilities, maintenance, etc.
  • Financial and owner reports
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budget preparation
  • Calculation or property expenses and explanation of property expenses
  • Collection and processing of asset receipts


Condos Prices in Topanga

The median condo price in Topanga, California, as of 2024, is around $939,000 (Redfin).

The median price for condos in Panorama City is approximately $465,000, while townhomes have a median price around $580,000 ( (Panorama City Condos for Sale)

By comparison, the price for condos and townhomes in Canoga Park is about $450,000 ( Lake Balboa is between $400,000-$600,00 while Chatsworth is about $587.000 (Redfin). Calabasas ranges between $650,000 and just over $2m, about $500,000 to $2.4m in Brentwood, just under $1m in Hollywood according to RedFin. Northridge, by contrast ranges from $390,000 – $767,000. Reseda’s median price for condos and townhomes is $538,000 compared to $495,000 in Tarzana.


HOA Association Property Management in Topanga

If you need better HOA association management for your condo or apartment building in Topanga, give us a call. HOA Association Property Management in Topanga requires the management of dues collection, property maintenance, CC&R enforcement, financials, and much more. Belwood Properties is a HOA property management company known for its exceptional communication and relationship-building with property managers.


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