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Tenant Relationships During a Pandemic

Relationships with tenants, can be seen as a weakness or a strength. There is a fine line between being to friendly with your tenants and not know them at all. Talking is going to be a landlords biggest asset during the global pandemic. Getting an understanding of how each individual tenant is doing can either be done through the phone or by simply creating a form that they can fill out. When tenants get the feeling that their landlord cares, they are more likely to cooperate and try their hardest to pay rent on time.

With regulations changing based on the city your rental property is in, some tenants might not know what regulations they fall under. Being flexible with their financial situation, while maintaining a financially healthy rental property of your own, can be tricky. These are times, that no one has faced before, which means there is a lot of fear and anxiety. Both landlords and tenants are on edge because they do not know what the future holds. Patience and acceptance might not seem like the most affirming solution but it is all we have right now.

As businesses and regulations start to be lifted, as a landlord it is important to stay up to date on the daily changes. The more regulations lifted the more residents will be able to return to normal life. Normal life means paying rent on time, which is what landlords have to look forward to.

If you as a landlord are savvy with social media, create an account for your rental communities. This can be a platform for residents to communicate and acquire new information pertaining to their rental situation. As new regulations are lifted, you can post on social media so that residents can quickly see updates. There are so many different news platforms, it can be hard to get the correct information. This is why utilizing social media platforms can be a good place for your tenants to get the information that pertains to them.

The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, and it seems like it will for the rest of the year. Belwood Properties is here to help landlords with any housing issues they might have. It is free to give us a call and ask any questions that you might have. (818) 883-3033 or

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