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Residential, Multifamily & Apartment
Property Management Services

Managing residential, apartment and multifamily properties requires complete dedication. For over 20 years, Belwood’s success has been due to competence, accountability, profitability, and integrity.

Although we are so much more, on a top level, our Los Angeles residential property management services include rent collection, property maintenance, financial management, tenant screening, marketing vacancies, budgeting, and property inspections

Managing residential, multifamily, and apartment properties requires complete dedication. When you manage multiple tenants residing in a building as we have for years, turbulent days should be expected. Making sure that everyone is happy, comfortable, and content can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Belwood Properties, a residential, multifamily, and apartment property management company for over 20 years, has established a system that assures our clients that their properties are in good hands.

Tenant Relations: When qualifying new tenants for multifamily housing, expectations are set immediately. Having an understanding of the lease, building operations, and house rules sets the stage for the remainder of the tenant’s occupancy. Building a foundation from the beginning helps to establish a line of honest communication. This type of honesty ensures a relationship that is more than just business. We are all humans and make mistakes, so being compassionate and understanding of tenant needs not only minimizes turnover rates, it also shows a level of integrity.

Property Maintenance: Preventive maintenance reduces large expense costs that could have been avoided. Belwood Properties performs inspections for move-ins, move-outs, exteriors, and interiors. These inspections ensure that there aren’t extraordinary costs unless there is a natural disaster or a burst pipe. There are many seasonal tasks that are overlooked when managing residential, multifamily, and apartment properties that could be costly such as trees, gutters, roofs, and plumbing. Performing routine interior inspections of occupied units ensure that there is no suspicious activity. Oftentimes, tenants will not reach out to landlords for maintenance needs because they do not want the landlord to see the state of their apartment. Most leases state that a tenant must practice basic sanitation or they are in violation of their lease terms. These routine inspections help to ensure that all units are not breaking any term of their lease and that the building is healthy and habitable.

Building Operations: Our residential, multifamily, and apartment property management services also take responsibility for effective operational practices. Our team members are capable of tackling any emergency, problem, or routine operation at maximum efficiency. Each of our team members specializes in a specific operation task ensuring that no issue is overlooked or mishandled.

With over 20 years of experience, Belwood Properties is proud to say that we still have some of the original communities that were with us during our first year of operation. The professional relationships that we establish with our clients is not just based on competence, dedication, and profitability but also integrity and respect. This allows us to have the necessary communication required which leads to maximized efficiencies. Maximizing our clients return on investment comes first, which is why our daily operations are tailored to each individual client. No one residential, multifamily, or apartment property is the same which is why we customize our services to each individually.


Detailed Residential, Multifamily, and Apartment Property Management Services

  • Rent Stabilized Properties
  • Affordable Housing Communities
  • HUD Compliance


What Our Residential, Multifamily, and Apartment Property Management Services Include

  • Property Leasing
    • Vacancy advertisement
    • Showing vacancies to prospective tenants
    • Thorough screening of prospective tenants
    • Drafting lease agreements for new tenants
  • Property Management
    • Tenant relations
    • Maintenance and emergencies (all requests are scheduled and overseen by the Belwood team)
    • Property inspections for preventive maintenance (once every 2 weeks)
    • Rent collection
    • Oversite of all vacancies and preparation
    • Updated market reports
  • Accounting Services
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Payment of property taxes, insurance, mortgage, utilities, maintenance, etc.
    • Financial and owner reports
    • Bookkeeping
    • Budget preparation
    • Property expense reports and explanation of property expenses
    • Collection and processing of asset receipts


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