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Tenant Relationships During a Pandemic

Relationships with tenants, can be seen as a weakness or a strength. There is a fine line between being to friendly with your tenants and not know them at all. Talking is going to be a landlords biggest asset during the global pandemic. Getting an understanding of how each individual …

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How Property Managers Can Help Landlords Keep Rental Buildings Safe

How Property Managers Keep Rental Buildings Safe Unfortunately, theft has risen during the pandemic. People have lost their jobs and are desperate to make money in any way they can. There are ways for landlords to keep their rental properties safe. Video surveillance is not used as effectively as it …

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Los Angeles Property Management Post Pandemic

Every investment strategy has its ups and downs, which is why you draft a business plan. Business plans help keep an investment property bullet proof. Right now is actually, not a horrible time to buy investment property. Sellers are lowering their prices because the demand has lowered. It is supply …

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4 Tips on Screening Vendors

The Importance of Screening Vendors: Have you ever had a company send a vendor and they show up not knowing what they are suppose to do? It happens more often than not and needs to stop. Why is it important to screen vendors? Each vendor that you use is a …

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Developing Residential Property in West Hollywood

The City of West Hollywood not only has some of the strictest rent control laws in Los Angeles but they also have inclusionary housing programs. As a property manager it is very important to us that we make sure our clients know what they are getting into when they decided to develop …

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4 Rent Control Tips

Please refer to online websites to see if your building falls under rent control. What is rent control? Rent control is an ordinance that limits or prohibits rent increases and notices to vacate tenancy. Be careful on what city your investment property is in because each community has different ordinances. …

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5 Tenant Screening Tips

Effectively screening tenants is what maximizes cash flow on your income property. Here are some tips and tricks on how to save yourself from a potential lawsuit, while effectively placing the right people into your rental property. 1. Fair Housing Act: This means that you can not base your decision because …

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