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Belwood Properties, LLC | Accounting Services

Administration and Property Management

  • Licensed California Real Estate Brokers
  • 24-Hour Management and Emergency Services
  • Continuous Supervision and Support of on-site Maintenance
  • On-site Property Inspections
  • Implementation of standard operating procedures & policies
  • Bid and Contract Coordination for regular & extraordinary repairs and maintenance
  • Maintaining Property/Tenant records and contacts
  • Thorough Prospective Tenant Qualifying Methods
  • Diligent collection of Rental Income, Common Area & Fees
  • Timely resolutions towards delinquencies and Eviction Procedures
  • Monitoring and Implementing Lease Provisions
  • Maintaining Positive Owner and Tenant Relations and Retention
  • Commercial, Residential Leasing and Marketing
  • Legal Assistance
  • HOA - Facilitating Meetings and Elections
  • Education and Training for On-site Managers & Board Members

Financial Management

  • Full Accounting and Financial Services
  • Accurate Owner Financial, HOA and Tenant Profiles, Statements and Reports
  • Organized Administration
  • Collection and Processing Asset Receipts and Dues
  • Authorizing and Processing Asset Expenses
  • Expense Control
  • Preventative maintenance strategies
  • Monthly Reconciliation of Bank Statements
  • Calculation and Explanation of Tenant Increase and Expense (CAM) Pass-Through
  • Processing Quarterly/Annual Payroll/Vendors related Tax Forms
  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • Review Property and Lease contracts
  • Process all annual Property Licenses, City, State and Federal Forms and Fees
  • Review and process annual Lease renewals and CPI Increases
  • Credit Report and Application Review
  • Payroll Processing and Year End Tax Forms
  • Insurance and Contract Review and Renewal
  • HOA - Processing legal Documentation, Certifications and Filing

Belwood Properties, LLC.

Property Management & Real Estate Services

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Property Management & Real Estate Services