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Belwood Properties was founded in 1999 by two sisters committed to reforming the standards of “it’s just business.” Dignity for every person was a core belief upon which they started their business. Prior to starting the business, the two sisters worked in property management for 10 years, building the experience needed to start their own business. With the combined 21 years in business and the 10 years of experience that leaves Belwood Properties with a total of 31 years of property management experience.

It takes courage, creativity, and commitment to service in order to run a successful business. Meet the women who live the principles outlined by the service we provide below.

Belwood Properties, LLC.
Peggy Woods
Justine Beltran
Theresa Woods-Beltran

Theresa Woods-Beltran

Cal BRE #01204863

Theresa’s ability to never shy away from hard work, propelled her career in the property management industry. In her early 20’s she helped create a property management software that was sold around the country and still is used today. With an accounting background like this, our clients are provided the highest quality financial service from any property management company.


Peggy Woods

Cal BRE #01154063

Generosity is a foundation that Peggy lives by on a daily basis. Whether that be towards tenants or clients, her ability to build and maintain relationships stems from her generosity. Property management companies have to maintain relationships in order to preserve lower turnover rate, which is why having a generous character pays off in the long run.


Justine Beltran

Creativity is what makes or breaks a business. Justine, the daughter and niece of the two sisters, is the newest member of the team. She was brought on to ensure that Belwood Properties has the creative edge to provide superior service for clients and tenants alike. With technology changing every day but the basics of human relations staying the same, Justine is able to incorporate this with new changes to daily tasks.

These three women make up the foundation of strong and positive leadership that has allowed the business to thrive for 21 years. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we are client based and result driven.

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