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Making sure that everyone is happy, comfortable, and content may seem like an impossible task. Our Residential & Multi-Family Property Management services assure clients that their properties are in good hands and expertly managed. Services Rent collection, property maintenance, financial management, tenant screening, marketing vacancies, budgeting, property inspections, city/state compliance, and more!

Our commercial property management services (retail and office spaces) rely on specialized operational methods which is why we customize our approach for each individual property that we manage.

Rent collection, lease enforcement, property maintenance, financial management, leasing vacancies, preventative maintenance, allocation of CAM charges, and more!

Through creative thinking, education, experience, and integrity-focused HOA Association Management services, Belwood Properties increases the property value of HOA’s in Los Angeles.

Collection of dues, property maintenance, CC&R enforcement, document transfers, site management, financial management, meeting attendance, election services, etc.

Finding the right tenant requires experience and knowledge. We offer 20+ years of experience in commercial, multifamily, and single-family leasing management services in Los Angeles.

Tenant screening, advertising, marketing, lease preparation, lease execution, and more!

About Us

Powerfully Run
by Women

Belwood Properties, LLC.
Peggy Woods
Justine Beltran
Theresa Woods-Beltran
Top Rental Property Management Company Belwood Properties 2023

Women-owned, Award Winning, Property Management

We are a highly skilled, women-owned company whose mission is to humanize property management in Los Angeles while maximizing return-on-investment for our clients. 

It is our in-depth knowledge of accounting, property management, and real estate that attracts clients; it is our integrity, relationships, and good old fashioned hard work that keeps them.


Family values earn client trust


Honed & customized methods


Family run since 1999

Research & Publications

Woman Viewing an AI Generated Virtual Tour of a Property

Streamlining Property Management: The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

As we enter a new era of technology, the possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) brings are virtually endless. Lately, we’ve heard a lot about AI in the media with the widespread adoption of AI tools like ChatGPT, but in reality, we all use it every day and have done so …

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Condominium Community Offering EV Charging Stations As An Amenity

11 Tips HOA Boards Can Leverage to Increase Condo Property Values

HOA board members are acutely aware of the value their organization adds to the condo property and its residents. The decisions they make are directly related to the success of the community and have a significant impact on property values. From maintaining amenities and infrastructure to setting rules that enforce …

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EV charging station at a condominium in California

Installing EV Chargers at Condos and Apartments in California

Charging your electric vehicle (EV) at home is convenient—but it also requires special equipment to ensure expedience and cost efficiency. But what if you live in an apartment or condo? If there aren’t charging stations already available at your building, it’s something you’ll need to consider. While using public charging …

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